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The TV Tower of Vilnius is a place of exceptional experiences and cherished memories, the history of which every one of us creates! Sky-tall structure is not only one of the most known objects of Lithuania, but it has become a symbol of fighters for our country’s freedom. While being one of the most exceptional structures in the country, the TV Tower is proud of its status of object of interest. The visitors can enjoy spectacular views of Vilnius and its environs, experience the feeling of unrestricted height on an open platform, have a lovely meal at the restaurant “Paukščių takas”, familiarize with never-before-seen areas of the TV Tower during an excursion and hear about its architectural history.

About TV Tower of Vilnius in short:

- Tallest structure in Lithuania - 326.4 m;
- Included in to the list of world’s tallest TV Towers: eight in Europe and twenty-sixth in the world;
- If we would compare it with the most known tallest buildings in the world, our tower would be taller than the Eiffel Tower (300 m);
- Annually, approximately 130 thousand visitors visit TV Tower of Vilnius. It is one of the most popular objects of interest in the country;
- The tallest open viewing platform in Lithuania in the height of 180 m. Therein, people can not only experience the challenges, which height offers, but also have a lovely meal and drinks;
- Revolving observation platform is installed on the 19th floor of the TV Tower of Vilnius, at the height of 165 m (equal to the 55th floor of the multi-apartment building);
- Round form floor within 55 minutes turns 360 degrees;
- On this floor, the restaurant “Paukščių takas” can be found. Through its windows people can see an exceptional panorama of Vilnius. The restaurant will gladly admit lone visitors and tourist groups. Here, people will find European dishes;
- When the sky is clear, the city of Vilnius and its environs can be seen at a radius of 50 km;
- The stairwell of TV Tower of Vilnius has more than 900 steps. When going down by foot from the restaurant, the journey approximately lasts 30 minutes. However, when going up and down with an elevator, the journey only lasts 45 seconds;
- The entire TV Tower with its foundation weights 25 thousand tones.

The construction of the TV Tower lasted six years: the preparatory construction work was started on 24 April 1974 and the constructions were completed on 30 December 1980. However, officially, the Tower began its activity only on 31 January 1981.

The Fight for Freedom Museum installed inside the Tower reminds visitors about the events of the night of 13 January 1991 when unarmed Lithuanians won their freedom. Small granite obelisks near the TV Tower commemorate the deaths of thirteen Lithuania’s defenders.

Table reservation at the restaurant "Paukščių takas"