Once the national newspaper and magazine
editorial headquarters, this is now an oce

sportima SPORTIMA 2001

A universal sports arena which is usually
used for football games.

 sauletikis SAULĖTEKIS 1974

The Vilnius University and Vilnius Gediminas
Technical University campus that includes
educational buildings, residence halls, and
the most modern library in the country.

sodra SODRA 1991

The headquarters of the State
Social Insurance Fund (SODRA).

europa-pc EUROPA 2008

A shopping centre.

planetariumas PLANETARIUM 1989

A unique building that stands out for its
12.5-metre diameter Star Dome.

THE ARCHANGEL circa 1750
seimas SEIMAS 1980 (2006)

The country's parliament building complex. It was
here that the Seimas declared the restoration of
Lithuanian independence on 11 March 1990.

sv-petro-ir-povilo-bzn CHURCH OF ST PETER
AND ST PAUL circa 1668
 prezidentura PRESIDENTIAL PALACE 1832

This late-Classical building is the ocial oce
of the President of Lithuania and one of the
epicentres of the country’s political life and
well as a place for state celebrations.

 vln-universitetas VILNIUS UNIVERSITY 1579

Founded by the Jesuits, this is one of the oldest
and best known universities in Central and Eastern
Europe. The central campus, which is located in the
Old Town, is renowned for its library (1570),
astronomical observatory (1753), the Church of
St Johns (1426), and its beautiful courtyards.

 uzupio-angelas THE ANGEL OF UŽUPIS 2001

One of Vilnius’ oldest districts, Užupis was once a
poor suburb which is now a bohemian neighbourhood
popular among artists. Its central square
features the Angel of Užupis – a brass and bronze
sculpture perched on an 8.5-metre column.

 rotuse TOWN HALL circa 1503

One of the three surviving historic city halls in
Lithuania, the building is now used for formal
events in Vilnius.

 ausros-vartai GATE OF DAWN circa 1522

Part of the old defensive wall of Vilnius, this is one
of the capital’s top visitor sites due to the icon of
the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy, which is
said to have miraculous powers.

 vingio-parko-arena VINGIS PARK AMPHITHEATRE 1960

An event and concert venue that can accommodate
approximately 60,000 people, this is where the
National Song Festival takes place and famous
Lithuanian and foreign musicians hold concerts.

 oro-uostas VILNIUS AIRPORT 1932

This is the largest civilian airport in Lithuania. Built
in 1954, the airport building is still used as the
arrival terminal and is included in the Lithuanian
Register of Cultural Properties.

 litexpo-rumai LITEXPO 1977

With a total exhibition area of 32,000 m2,
this is the largest exhibition and convention
centre in the Baltics.


With approximately 10,000 small and medium
businesses operating here, this is the country's
largest business park and market.

 vln-elektrine VILNIUS HEAT&POWER PLANT 1983

The most powerful in Lithuania (combined
capacity 1516 MW)

 trakai TRAKAI 14th century

Some 30 km from Vilnius, this town is
considered the second historical capital of
Lithuania and is one of the most popular
tourist destinations in our country.

 akropolis AKROPOLIS 2002

The largest shopping and
entertainment centre in the Baltics.

 elektrenai ELEKTRĖNAI 1960

The ‘City of Energy’ is located next to what was
once the largest power plant in Lithuania. If you
can see its chimneys 47 km from Vilnius, it
means it's a beautiful, clear day.

 edukologijos-universitetas LITHUANIAN UNIVERSITY OF