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Ticket office

Monday – Sunday
11:00 – 21:00


Tel.: + 370 5 2525 333
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Sausio 13-osios 10, Vilnius
+ 370 5 2525 333
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See Never Before Seen Areas of the Tower

TV Tower of Vilnius invites visitors to familiarize with it more closely. During excursions, visitors are familiarized with unseen areas of the Tower, the history of the building, architecture and the challenges the builders faced in the implementation of one of the most distinctive structures in Lithuania. Guides manage the excursions.
TV Tower of Vilnius is one of the most known objects in the country, however, few know that under the restaurant “Paukščių takas” a fire safety zone is installed and the height of the Tower’s stem is up to 15-20 meters. After ordering 1 hr. excursion, the guide will familiarize you with the peculiarities of the Tower and unseen spaces: fuselage, cup of the Tower, other structural and engineering elements.



Tel.: 85 25 25 333
El.p.: [email protected]


from 17 EUR/person


1 Hour


In the event of weather change or in the presence of objective circumstances, the administration reserves the right to cancel the envisaged excursion or limit its route.


Lithuanian, English, Polish, Russian

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants 8, both for groups and individual visitors.


Table reservation at the restaurant "Paukščių takas"