1.General Provisions

 These rules (hereinafter - the Rules) shall determine the rules and procedure of providing the service “Walking on the Edge of the TV Tower” at Vilnius TV Tower (hereinafter - the TV Tower), as well as, the rights and obligations of the TV Tower’s visitors (hereinafter - the Visitor).

2. General Safety Rules

 2.1 The Visitor shall be allowed to participate in the Entertainment only, if:

  • They weight more than 34 kg, but less than 140 kg;
  • They are 14 and over. Persons that are 14-18 years of age may participate in the Entertainment only after submitting a valid identity document and being accompanied by their parents (guardians) or an adult, who must monitor and ensure that the 14-18 years old person being accompanied by them would properly uphold all of the Rules; in this case, the person accompanying the 14–18-year-old shall be responsible for the proper upholding of the Rules;
  • They are of good physical and mental health, can properly coordinate their hands, eyes and mouth, and are capable of walking on their own (without auxiliary or medical devices); if the instructor suspects that the Visitor has inadmissible condition, is ill and/or has health disturbances, the instructor shall have the right not to allow the Service Recipient in to the open area;
  • Prior to entering the open TV Tower space (terrace), the Visitor has heard the safety briefing and familiarized with these Rules by signing.

2.2 It shall be strictly prohibited to participate in the Entertainment, if the Visitor:

  • Is a pregnant woman;
  • Has broken bones;
  • Within the last six months was surgically operated;
  • Within the last six month experienced acute illness episodes, due to which the Participant was prohibited from having a driver’s license;
  • Experiences chest pain or asphyxia;
  • Is intoxicated from a drug or has used alcohol or narcotic substances;
  • Suffers from heart and vascular diseases (including, high blood pressure);
  • Suffers from respiratory diseases;
  • Suffers from total or partial non-existence of extremities (no prosthesis is allowed);
  • Experiences dizziness or balance disturbances;
  • Has sight issues (save for glasses or contact lenses wearers);
  • Suffers from other illnesses, which may become more prone due to the participation in the Entertainment (adrenaline experience etc.).

The Visitor must inform the staff of TV Tower (instructor or other person), if due to circumstances indicated in Points 2.1 or 2.2 of the Rules they cannot participate in the Entertainment.

3. Safe conduct rules of the Visitor:

  • It shall be strictly prohibited to go to the extreme Service provision zone without wearing any safety belts and not being attached to the guiding rail;
  • It shall be strictly prohibited for the Visitor to on their own remove the carbine from the harness and guiding rail while being at the extreme Service provision zone;
  • It shall be prohibited to push, maul and cause situations that threatens health and life;
  • It shall be prohibited to bring in to the extreme Service provision zone a telephone, photograph, back-pack and other burdens;
  • The Visitor must select such clothing and footwear, which would not bother them and cause danger;
  • The Visitor must adhere to the oral demands and instructions given by the TV Tower’s employees/instructors.

4. Conditions for Providing and Terminating the Service

The Service may not be provided and/or terminated due to unfit weather conditions or other circumstances.

5. The Service shall not be provided:

  • In the event of strong wind, when wind gusts exceed 15 m/s (wind speed shall be determined in accordance to the data of Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Center: https://m.meteo.lt/prognoziu-zemelapiai/vejo-gusiai/10);
  • In the event of rain, thunder or lightning;
  • In the event of other weather conditions unfavorable for the rendering of Services, if they pose a threat to the safety of Visitors;
  • In the event of existence of at least one circumstance indicated in Points 2.1-2.2 of the Rules, when the Service cannot be provided to the Visitor.

If at the start of the Entertainment the weather conditions would worsen or circumstances indicated in Points 2.1-2.2 of the Rules when the Service cannot be provided to the Visitor would be determined, the provision of Service shall be promptly terminated. In such a case, the Visitor shall be removed from TV Tower’s terrace.

If the Service is not provided or terminated due to unfavorable weather conditions, the Visitor shall be offered to reschedule the provision of Service. If the Visitor does not agree with the rescheduling of Service, the sum paid for the ticket shall be returned.

In those events when the Service was not provided or the rendering of it was terminated due to the circumstances indicated in Points 2.1-2.2 of the Rules when the Service cannot be provided to the Visitor, the provision of Service shall not be rescheduled and the Visitor shall be informed that they will be able to use the Service only when the requirements indicated in Point 2.1 of the Rules will be executed and/or the circumstances, due to which the Service was not provided to the Visitor or it was discontinued, envisaged in Point 2.2 of the Rules disappear.

6. Responsibility for the Infringement of Rules

  • The Visitor shall be responsible for the incurred traumas or other health disturbances, as well as, for any other damage and/or losses caused to themselves and/or third persons, which have occurred, because the Visitor violated the rules and/or did not adhere to them, because they were inattentive and/or careless.
  • The Visitor must reimburse the material damage, if protection measures and equipment of high-altitude workers were damaged through the fault of them.
  • The TV Tower shall not assume liability for accidents, damage or losses, which have occurred, because the Visitor infringed the provisions of the Rules or statutes of law, and the obligations of general nature to act attentively and carefully.

7. Other Provisions

  • The TV Tower shall have the right to process the personal data of the Visitor, which are indicated in the list of persons who have familiarized with the Rules, and the Visitor, by signing these Rules, shall agree that their personal data would be processed for the purposes indicated in the Rules in accordance to the Privacy Policy prepared by AB “Lietuvos radijo ir televizijos centras”, which is uploaded on to telecentras.lt.
  • TV Tower’s terrace for the purposes of protecting the Visitors, other persons and their assets may have video-surveillance.