Brief for Visitors of the TV Tower

The Vilnius TV Tower (TV Tower) is the tallest building in Lithuania. This construction is unique in engineering terms and is in the Cultural Heritage Register. It is one of the most visited tourist sites in Vilnius.

As a result of technological and engineering operations taking place in the TV Tower, it remains partly closed and operating in the mode ensuring the security of the site, its systems and processes. Please note that this highly complex structure, which was built several decades ago, has no facilities for disabled persons to access the upper section of the TV Tower.

We will be grateful if you comply with these simple rules and procedures for the sake and safety of yourself and other visitors.

We are expecting your understanding and wishing you good impressions.


What to visit at the TV Tower and where to find necessary information

The TV Tower offers public access to the following spaces:

  • Museum of the Struggle for Freedom on the ground floor of the TV Tower;
  • Observation deck on the 19th floor of the TV Tower and the cafe–bar Paukščių takas;
  • Antennae park in the vicinity of the TV Tower.

If you have any questions, contact us by telephone number +370 5 2525 333 or look for information on the website of the TV Tower You may also address your questions to any of the staff members of the TV Tower.


For your safety and the safety of other visitors

– Provide your ID document when requested by a staff member of the TV Tower;

– Keep your entry ticket throughout the time of your stay in the cafe–bar Paukščių takas;

– Leave your coats, strollers, backpacks, suitcases and large bags in the cloakroom before ascending to the cafe–bar Paukščių takas;

– Protect and respect the environment and the tangible property of the TV Tower;

– Respect the rights and interests of other TV Tower visitors;

– Parents, teachers and accompanying persons should take care of the security of children; schoolchildren and disabled persons;

– Show care for yourself and other persons;

– Do not to leave the children unattended;

– Access only permitted areas;

– Show your personal bags and items for inspection when requested by a security officer.


Your help will be appreciated

If you notice any smoke, fire or visitors who are damaging the museum exhibits or other assets of the TV Tower, posing a threat to other visitors or behaving inappropriately, immediately make this known to the nearest staff member of the TV Tower.


Important for young persons

If you are under the age of 14, please come together with your parents, friend(s) or other adult(s) who are at least 18 years old.

A group of children or young persons below the age of 14 must be accompanied by adults: seven young persons must be accompanied by one adult.


We care about your security

No entrance to TV Tower for:

– persons clearly intoxicated with alcohol, narcotic or other psychotropic substances;

– persons who carry weapons or other dangerous items, explosives, psychotropic substances, flammable materials or alcoholic drinks;

– persons who show aggressive or brutal behaviour and can pose a threat to other visitors;

– persons with animals.


No entry to the observation platform and the cafe–bar Paukščių takas on the 19th floor (due to the absence of evacuation in case of breakdown of the lifts) for:

– persons with reduced mobility, if they need a wheelchair, a walking-stick, crutches or another person’s assistance for mobility;

– persons with visual impairment, if they need a white cane or a guide;

– mentally handicapped persons, if they need an accompanying person.


Items not permitted in the TV Tower:

– weapons; active self-protection measures;

– any alcoholic drinks and food products;

– narcotic substances and related devices;

– pyrotechnic articles and other flammable or explosive substances;

– backpacks, suitcases or large bags;

– items which may visually appear as posing a threat;

– animals;

– other items which a security officer will identify as posing a threat to your safety or the safety of other visitors.



– not to smoke;

– not to damage exhibits and other assets of the TV Tower;

– not to use fireworks, party poppers and other items that pollute or harm the environment;

– not to pose any threat to the safety of other persons;

– not to litter and keep the environment clean;

– not to enter the premises and places where access is for staff only or not allowed for visitors;

– not to make video recordings or take pictures of the premises used only by the staff.


In the case–bar Paukščių takas, you are requested:

– not to keep your personal items on windowsills,

– not to sit yourselves or your children on the backrests of seats,

– to not touch or put any items under the revolving platform,

– do not touch the rotating mechanisms of the platform.

If you see somebody being walked by a security officer out of the room, that means that the visitor was misbehaving and is requested to leave the TV Tower.  He/she will not recover the money paid for the ticket and will most likely have to compensate the damage caused.



Please, cooperate with the security staff of the TV Tower – they are taking care of your security.