The 8 Best Ways to Enjoy Vilnius on a Rainy Day

"Čia Lietuva, čia lietus lyja," is a very common saying in Lithuania, which translates into English as, "It is Lithuania, the rain is raining here." Every tourist should be prepared for rain while visiting Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Read our guide to find out the best ways to enjoy Vilnius on a rainy day.  

Dine in the Vilnius TV Tower

The Vilnius TV Tower is the best place to enjoy the beautiful sights of Vilnius from way up top. There is a moving restaurant on top of the TV Tower, so you can grab a glass of wine, order delicious Lithuanian food, and comfortably watch the stunning Vilnius while it rains. Sausio 13-osios g. 10, Vilnius, Lithuania Read the article: The 8 Best Ways to Enjoy Vilnius on a Rainy Day.